Illini Bucked Again by Ohio State

In theory, I think we Illini fans are pretty spoiled when we start panicking over a 2-game losing streak.  However, coming out so flat at Ohio State eight days after that stunning loss to Penn State at home was unacceptable.  It was one thing to let the Buckeyes’ Terrence Dials (better known as the second coming of Oliver Miller, who made his old Phoenix Suns teammate Charles Barkley look svelte) to take advantage of his size advantage over us down low.  However, to let a team shoot 13-for-23 on three-pointers when perimeter defense is our greatest strength is simply awful.  That’s the recipe for getting upset by a mid-major or small conference school in the NCAA Tournamnet.

A loss at Ohio State isn’t bad on paper, but the way we lost is really bothersome.  I hope Wednesday’s home game against Northwestern provides the tonic to our current mini-swoon.  With only three home games left, Illinois cannot afford to lose any of them if we still want a chance for the Big Ten title.

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