Land-o-Links – 2/13/2006

Some random and overdue links for Monday:

1) The Grammys Just Don’t Get It – This comment is coming a little late, but I’ve got to get this off my chest.  Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune wrote this article over a week ago, which is now even more appropriate considering that my compadre from the South Side of Chicago Kanye West was robbed by the Grammys for second year in a row.  Look, I love U2 as much as anyone, but the Grammys already have separate lifetime achievement awards where they don’t need to turn the major annual awards such as Album of the Year and Record of the Year into nostalgic lovefests.  If you really listened to a decent range of last year’s music at all, you ought to be outraged that Kanye West’s “Late Registration” didn’t win Album of the Year.  The little respect I had for the Grammys before last Wednesday’s show is now completely wiped out.

2) Kwan Withdraws from the Olympics – It feels like Michelle Kwan has been around forever, and in ice skating terms she has, but I always have to kick myself everytime I realize that she’s still only 25-years old.  I’m three years older than her and what do I have to show for all that time on Earth?  I guess I can take solace in the fact that I have as many Olympic gold medals as she does (alright, that was a cheap shot – I have to admit that it really is sad that she got hurt).

3) What Would Tyler Durden Do? (submitted by Golas) – If you’re into slapping the Hollywood elite back into place (I know I am), here’s an absolutely fantastic blog ripping on every celebrity imaginable Fight Club-style.

4) Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter in Texas Accident – #1 lesson learned from this past weekend: don’t EVER, EVER, EVER go on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney and Bobby Knight.

And finally…

5) Rich’s Blog – My buddy Rich’s newly launched blog – be sure to check it out!


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