The Daily Illini Needs to Apologize for Something Else

I spent yesterday’s post giving credit to the Daily Illini for standing up for the ideals of the American press by printing the controversial Danish cartoons that have spurred violent protests and killings by radical Muslims in the Middle East.  Well, as my sister pointed out today, it turns out that the Daily Illini is now running scared by suspending the 2 editors that made the decision to run the cartoons.

The act itself by the newspaper the remove editor Acton Groton and opinions editor Chuck Prochaska is an abomination.  The fact that the Daily Illini then published an editorial calling Groton a “renegade editor” that engaged in a “blatant use of power” (I’ll link to this editorial once the paper posts it on tis website) has turned my high respect for the newspaper’s actions into absolute disgust.  Groton and Prochaska were thrown under the bus for doing something that every other major newspaper in the United States should have done if they actually wanted to protect the ideals of journalistic freedom.  The Daily Illini has turned what should have been one of its proudest moments into a point of shame.