Land-o-Links – 2/21/2006

Links in preparation for tonight’s Illinois game against Muck Fichigan:

1) NBA Trade Machine – Amazing simulator where you can see if any hypothetical trade could legally work when taking into account the NBA salary cap for teams, specific contract provisions for individual players, and other league rules.  My conclusion: it’s hard enough just to get any trade through that would meet all of the league rules, much less taking into account the quality of the players involved.  It’s the polar opposite of baseball’s laissez-faire trade arena.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a way to trade Tim Thomas from the Bulls for a different big man (more on him in a separate post).  Let me know if you can find a feasible deal.

2) Explaining Ice: The Answers Are Slippery – It seems so basic, but scientists are still trying to figure out why ice is slippery.

3) All He’s Quacked Up to Be – In depth look at the AFLAC duck.

4) Risk of Robbery Raising Stakes of Poker Nights – Nothing is sacred anymore.

And finally… 

5) Welcome to the Black Super Bowl – Absolutely hilarious column by the Sports Guy on his experience with celebrities and ballers at the NBA All Star Weekend in Houston – great read regardless of whether you care about the NBA and the Michael Jordan story at the end is the kicker.