Land-o-Links – 2/8/2006

Lost, American Idol, the Grammys, Indiana-Wisconsin/Syracuse-UConn rivalry week doubleheader, Bulls/Nuggets… what the hell am I going to watch on TV tonight with such a plethora of choices?  While I figure that out, here are today’s links:

1) The Che Cachet – The only good Che Guevara t-shirt out there is the one with his face and the line “I Have No Idea Who This Is” underneath.  That pretty much sums up the ignorance of 99.9% of the people who wear his likeness in regards to what this guy actually stood for.

2) From Cigars to a Pineapple – It looks like former Illinois Governor George Ryan received gifts from people ranging from George Steinbrenner to the president of South Korea while in office.

3) NHL Assistant is Cited as Head of a Gambling Ring – The most exciting thing to happen to hockey since the lockout ended.

4) Senator, We’re Ready for Your Cameo – Everyone notice John McCain’s appearance on “24” on Monday?

And finally…

5) A Little Slice of Boredom – My sister has broken down and started a blog.  She is a super artist currently in grad school in New Jersey (which exit?) and would single-handedly put Blockbuster and Netflix out of business if she opened up her DVD collection to the public.

Enjoy the links and have a great day!


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