Land-o-Links – 2/27/2006

For anyone that needs to read something other than my rants, I’ve put up some book recommendations under “Books to Read” in the links section on the right-hand side of the page.  On to the links for Monday:

1) Smithsonian’s Permanent Hip-Hop Exhibit – 50 Cent’s piece is going to be displayed right alongside the original Star Spangled Banner and Jackie Kennedy’s inaugural gown.

2) Google “Asshole (video and sound) – To find out what Google thinks of our leaders in Washington, Google “asshole” and then press “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

3) Ask Bouncing Butler in Ambitious Makeover – Jeeves is headed to the unemployment line.

4) ‘He’s an Idiot’ – Did people actually accuse the White Sox of being a “boring” team last year?

And finally…

5) Siberian Baseball – Minnesota Red Sox has spun off his baseball posts into a separate blog.


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