Land-o-Links – 2/20/2006

Links for President’s Day:

1) Bonds: I’m Done After ’06, Unless I’m Not – Could you please go away, already?

2) Davis: Angry, or Just Focused? – Only a guy from the South Side of Chicago would have a chip on his shoulder and be in a foul mood with Melissa Stark right after winning a gold medal.  I know how it feels: I have White Sox Fan Disease, too.

3) It’s Luck of Route with Tolls – An analysis of how much each of the tollroads in the Chicagoland area cost drivers on a per-mile basis.  A hint on what’s the most expensive tollway: I’ve really been screwed by having to drive from Naperville to the Woodfield area around Schaumburg for each of the last 3 weekends.

4) Brown Line Closings Begin Today – One benefit of being back in the suburbs: I don’t have to take the Brown Line anymore because it’s going to suck for the next three years.

5) A First-Time Oscar Host in Search of That Fine Line – I’m looking forward to Jon Stewart being this year’s Oscar host, but I’m also a little worried that it sounds like he wants to turn it down a notch from Chris Rock’s performance last year.

And finally…

6) Trump to Stewart: ‘Take Responsibility’ – Awww, snap!!!  Looks like there’s a major beef between the Donald and Martha.


3 thoughts on “Land-o-Links – 2/20/2006

  1. “One benefit of being back in the suburbs: I don’t have to take the Brown Line anymore because it’s going to suck for the next three years.”

    Dude, that’s like saying that one benefit to being a Cubs fan is that I don’t have to worry about the World Series trophy being stolen. There’s no way that even with major overhauls of the transit system don’t make for a better experience than having to drive to get a gallon of milk or fighting the Naperville mall traffic and disgruntled NBA wives.


  2. Look, I loved living in the city. In my opinion, everyone should do it at some point in their lives and there are tons of things that I miss about it. I miss being able to walk down the street to neighborhood restaurants and bars, have a short 15-minute hike to go to a game at Wrigley, or go to the Lincoln Park Zoo on a whim.

    However, when I’ve got think about where I want to live for the next 10 to 20 years to raise a family (and make the biggest financial decision of my life at the same time), it’s hard to argue against Naperville when it has world-class schools, top notch facilities, a great train schedule to the Loop, and housing prices that are appreciating rapidly.

    I am still scared about running into Antonio Davis’ wife, though.


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