Land-o-Links – 2/17/2006

Some links before the weekend:

1) Oz vs. Them: Guillen Takes Swings I’ll admit it right now: I have a man-crush on Ozzie Guillen.

2) Chicago Merc to Trade Snow Futures and Options – Wagering on whether it’s going to snow isn’t a drunken bar bet anymore, particularly if you run a hedge fund.

3) Cheney Hunting Accident Report – Heh…

4) The Empire Brokeback (movie and sound; submitted by Minneapolis Red Sox) – Easy connection to make, yet still amusing.

5) Suspended Daily Illini Editor Tells His Side in Cartoon Flap – Eric Zorn received an email from suspended Daily Illini editor Acton Groton.  There have been numerous posts and comments on the whole fiasco on Zorn’s blog this past week. 

And finally…

6) Stanford Tree Mascot Fired for Drinking at Basketball Game (submitted by Minneapolis Red Sox) – If you haven’t come home from a night of drinking and then played EA Sports NCAA March Madness on your PS2 using Stanford (preferably against Syracuse) in Mascot Game mode, you haven’t lived.


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