Land-o-Links – 1/6/2006

I’ll have a post on last night’s Illinois – Michigan State game later today.  In the meantime, here are some links:

1) Those Weird College Ads – Superb review of the different college ads that have run during the halftimes of this year’s bowls.  Considering that the University of Illinois has one of the best advertising programs in the nation (it’s a top feeder school for ad giant Leo Burnett), I’ve consistently been disappointed with my alma mater’s ads.  The only time that I can remember Illinois having commercials that didn’t look like they were shot on a fraternity-owned camcorder was the year when we had a series of ads showing alums like Roger Ebert and Ang Lee sing the “Hail to the Orange.”  Those actually looked as though they were produced by an advertising professional.  Since then, however, they’ve been generally corny and I haven’t been impressed.

2) Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner – I need to train my cat to do this.

3) Lindsay Lohan Admits to Trying Drugs – Note to Lindsay: I think most people noticed a couple of things other than your arms have been “missing” since you lost weight.

4) Jon Stewart Hosting the Oscars – After the Academy got rejected by Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Tom Arnold, and Ike Turner to host this year’s Oscars, they were bailed out by Stewart.  The Academy needs to make sure, however, that instead of having a time limit on winners’ speeches, there has to be a 2-minute cap on any segment involving Stephen Colbert.

And finally…

5) Patrick Swayze’s New Career – You might think this is an Onion article, but it’s not.  It’s real and it’s spectacular.


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