Land-o-Links – 1/25/2006

I just got some tickets to tonight’s Rolling Stones concert at the United Center, which should be awesome, but that also means that I’ll be missing tonight’s Illinois game against Minnesota.  As a result, I’ll have to retract my statement from last week that I wouldn’t be missing any more Illini games this season (the only 2 games I’ve missed so far happen to be the only 2 games they’ve lost).  I think we’ll be fine against the Gophers, though: we’re at home and Minnesota has yet to win a Big Ten contest.  Anyway, here are the links for the day:

1) Trick My Truck (submitted by Matt) – Hmmm… West Coast Customs just ended its relationship with “Pimp My Ride” on MTV and now this show pops up on CMT?  Oliver Stone’s head is turning.

2) Epstein Back as Red Sox GM – Theo seems to be a graduate of the Roger Clemens school of leaving the game.

3) WB and UPN Merge – Score one for Frank the Tank in my personal war against the WB.

And in honor of the Rolling Stones…

4) On Tour, Rolling Stones Pack Perks, Quirks – It seems that the Rolling Stones have some unusual riders in their tour contracts, particularly the need to feed their cricket holliganism.  The best, though, is the list of contract riders for other musicians – needless to say, Busta Rhymes has his own needs.