Land-o-Links – 7/25/2006

About a week-and-a-half ago on a Saturday, a small fire occurred in the building next door to my company’s offices in the Loop. On the following Monday, every store and restaurant on the floor where the fire occurred, which includes Bank of America, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nestle Toll House Cookies, and Gateway Newsstands, was closed with the glaring exception of one right in the middle of it all: Starbucks. God forbid that the zombie-like addicts don’t get their caffeine crack during the Monday rush-hour. The point here is that whatever you think of Starbucks, they obviously have such a well-tuned disaster plan that they ought to be put in charge of running FEMA. Anyway, on to today’s links:

1) Welcome, All Chorizos! (Deadspin) – Usually, “South of the Border” to people from Wisconsin means FIBs.

2) 2008: The Case for Barack Obama (Washington Post) – If I were Barack, I’d be running for President right away. Out of the 5 Presidents that we’ve elected over the past 30 years, the only one that had any substantive national experience was George H.W. Bush. If anything, the more time that you spend in the U.S. Senate, the worse presidential candidate you become (see John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bob Dole).

3) White Sox Acquire MacDougal (South Side Sox) – For all of the Alfonso Soriano rumors, acquiring Mike MacDougal from the Royals to shore up a less-than-stellar bullpen was the move that the White Sox really needed to make before the trade deadline. Even South Side player-hater Minneapolis Red Sox approved of the move! Of course, it would help if we started winning again.

4) Chicago Bulls’ New ‘Bench Seat’ Runs $125,500 Per Season (Crain’s Chicago Business) – While this might sound expensive, the cost of this seat for an entire year is almost $60,000 less than what Ben Wallace will be making per game from the Bulls during the life of his new contract. From that standpoint, this is a steal, right?

5) Camp Starts Thursday (Da’ Bears Blog) – I don’t know about you, but Bears training camp, which opens up tomorrow, has completely snuck up on me.  This is noteworthy because I usually start counting down the days to the opening of training camp by around the Fourth of July, particularly when the Bears are coming off of a playoff run as they are this year.  However, with everything that has been going on with the Sox and Bulls over the summer plus an even worse than average season for the Cubs, we’re in a rare period where the Bears aren’t dominating the Chicago sports scene.  That being said, I’m starting to get the annual football itch.

And finally…

6) New Monopoly Version Uses Debit Card (Yahoo! News) – No word on whether we need to pay $1.50 for each time that we pass “Go”.


4 thoughts on “Land-o-Links – 7/25/2006

  1. Regarding Sexual Chocolate, our friend the Kenyan cum Hawaiian, cum Polynesian princess, I had the exact conversation with my uncle last Christmas about Obama. He volunteers for the DuPage Democrats (yes, such a thing actually exists) and told me that it would be better for Barack to run now, when there is less voting history for everyone to take apart. Scary thought– we vote for people with less records in public office, than more.

    The final showdown: Barack vs. Hilary, for the rights to duel McCain.


  2. I think Rudy Giuliani might be the front-runner on the GOP side for 2008. The right-wing of the party might not agree with him on abortion or gay rights issues, but they respect his leadership abilities and stances on national security. As a libertarian Republican, I’d take either of Rudy or John McCain as a candidate, with a preference toward Rudy since he probably reflects my personal political views as closely as any politician out there. I’m more terrified that the powers-that-be in the GOP will slam someone from the Pat Robertson reactionist wing down our throats, which could be the final straw that would turn me into a full-fledged donkey supporter (although as long as Democrats keep moving back toward the Howard Dean liberal faction as opposed to the Bill Clinton/Joe Lieberman centrist sect, there’s little chance of that happening).


  3. My buddy, Butterbean, used to manage a Starbucks in DC when he was an awful, chain smoking drunk. He was surprised by two things regarding the customers. First, no matter what time they opened the shop, there’d be no fewer than two people out front and second that no matter how much of a slob he was (lighting a cigarette off an overheating burner for one) no one cared, they just wanted their liquid crack.

    If this had started in South Central instead of Seattle, it’d be illegal. Also what’s up with the chick just flying free with the jugs on the logo?


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