Land-o-Links – 7/12/2006

It wasn’t exactly an exciting All-Star Game up until there were 2 outs in the 9th inning last night, but it was nice to see the American League clinch home-field advantage for their pennant winner, who will hopefully be the White Sox. By the way, I really can’t stand the fact that Bud Selig decided to use an exhibition game to determine home-field advantage for the game’s championship as opposed to using the individual records of the teams involved like every other sport. However, I’ve got to admit I was on edge when Michael Young had 2 strikes on him in the top of the 9th as well as when Mariano Rivera was closing it out at the bottom – this really did have true implications for AL manager Ozzie Guillen and my White Sox in the future. It was artificially created and completely unfair drama, but it was drama nonetheless. Anyway, here are today’s links:

1) New Gender Divide: At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust (New York Times) – Case study used: a comparison of the performances of Frank the Tank and his wife at the University of Illinois.

2) In Tijuana, the Real ‘Nacho Libre’ (Washington Post) – The happiest place on Earth!

3) Shock and Gone (Chicago Tribune) – I have never listened to Mancow with any regularity, but I do remember back in high school when he announced one morning that he was going to pay for all of the customers at a Homewood gas station around the corner from my childhood home, which caused the worse traffic jam that has ever been seen in the South Suburbs (and with the perpetual construction surrounding the I-80/I-294 interchange heading into Indiana, AKA “The I-PASS Lane to the Gates of Hell”, that’s saying something).

4) Sports Bars May Be Left With Shania, ‘Simpsons’ (Chicago Sun-Times) – It’s the day after the All-Star Game, which means it’s also the worst day of the year for sports fans.

And finally…

5) Awkward Moments Abound in Penis Pump Trial (San Francisco Chronicle) – Our nation’s justice system at work.