Frank the Tank’s Slant: Director’s Cut Bonus Features

For those of you that are mentally stable, you have an easier time getting through a Beowulf poetry slam than one of my posts. However, for the rest of you that might not get your fill of Frank the Tank’s Slant while dipping potato chips straight into cans of Sherwin-Williams, there are a few other outlets where you can catch me:

1) Frank the Tank Channel on YouTube – I avoided taking the full plunge into YouTube for months because I knew it would be like smoking crack with a crank chaser. Luckily for all of you, I finally broke down and started becoming a junkie a few weeks ago. I’m a collector as opposed to an uploader. Nonetheless, searching for random YouTube clips blows blogging away in terms of being a drain on my productivity and, as a result, my YouTube channel is growing on a daily basis.

The Video Log shows a variety of clips that I call “YouTube Classics”, which includes the trampoline basketball guy, a rapping Yoda, the live action version of the intro to The Simpsons, Kanye West telling the world that George Bush doesn’t care about black people, the Walter Payton montage that I referred to in my NFL Preview, the classic throwdown between A.C. Slater and Zack Morris, Michael Jordan’s top ten dunks, the Transformers intro, the nations of the world song from Animaniacs, a bunch of wiggida wiggida wiggida wack music videos, and a whole lot more. That’s just a small sample, too – you can see the full collection under Playlists (categorized) and Favorites (uncategorized).

(On a side note, I’ll be starting a new multimedia feature on this blog very soon…)

2) Frank the Tank’s Deadspin Comments – The most consistently funny place on the interweb is the comment section under each post on Deadspin – bar none. Since commenting privileges are by invitation only, there’s a lack of the brainless comments such as “A-WAD SUX BALLZ AND YANKEEZ SUK AZZ”. Instead, some of the funniest people on the web are found bantering back forth about subjects such as the shade of purple lipstick that Alex Rodriguez uses and the top burritos in America. I rarely can come close to matching wits with most of these people, but you can see my lame attempts to do so even though you probably can’t understand what the comments mean without reading the entire thread for the post or, for that matter, the other posts for that particular day. Regardless, do yourself a favor and read all of the other Deadspin comments everyday if you aren’t already.

P.S. Those that know me understand that I enjoy discussing politics, so it’s great that my Deadspin account gives me commenting privileges to all of the Gawker Media blogs, which includes Wonkette in the event that I ever want to comment on the size of John Kerry’s schlong.

P.P.S. You will never, ever find me on Wonkette.

3) Technorati Links for Frank the Tank’s Slant – In the vast and flat world of the interweb, a small blog like mine can get linked to by sites ranging from a random Steelers fan blog to national organizations such as Deadspin and Slam (I’ve got my street cred now, yo). As you can see, though, the links to this blog are dominated by the hardcore readers out there, with Minneapolis Red Sox, TK, and Chronically Insane, in particular. That’s what it’s all about, people.


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