Land-o-Links – 6/8/2006

I'm off to the White Sox-Tigers game tonight courtesy of TK (I will not mention the 'S' word after two Sox victories). At the same time, the NBA Finals are starting. Just for kicks, I'm predicting a classic series with the Mavs winning over the Heat in 7 games and Dirk Nowitzki cementing his place among the league's elite. Here are some links to tide you over until tonight:

1) In the Body of an Accounting Professor, a Little Bit of the Mongol Hordes (New York Times) – Khaaannn!!!

2) Pitcher Spills Steroid, Speed Secrets (The Smoking Gun) – This has the potential to be a bigger bombshell than the leaked BALCO grand jury testimony. Look at all of the blacked out names starting on page 12 of this affidavit. That's a lot of players that are going to be outed by Jason Grimsley. By the way, remember "Batgate" from a few years ago involving an Indians player climbing through the viaducts in Comiskey Park to steal a confiscated Albert "Corky" Belle bat? Grimsley should have his own episode of America's Most Wanted.

3) 'Hell Awaits' Drivers at the Airport No More (Chicagoist) – Airport officials have finally figured out that driving around in circles was starting to annoy people.

4) Showcase Metra Station Suffering (Chicago Tribune) – Ugh, as a former frequent Illinois Central rider, I know exactly what everyone is talking about here. The Roosevelt Road station is essentially an outhouse coupled with a subpar toothpick bridge project from a high school physics class.

5) Nothing Beats 1st Title; Just Ask '91 Bulls (Chicago Tribune) – All in all, the '91 Bulls run was the best championship season that I ever have or will personally experience as a fan. I was a little too young to fully appreciate the magnitude of what the '85 Bears accomplished, while the all-encompassing-sports-are-everything attitude has dissipated as I've gotten older when experiencing the more recent White Sox and Illini successes. However, the '91 Bulls hit the personal sweet spot: at the point in my life when sports meant the most to me, my favorite team in my favorite sport led by my favorite athlete won its first championship. That's something that can never be replicated. This also happened 15 years ago, which makes me feel freakin' old.

And finally…

6) Managing Director of Cristal Not Impressed With Rap Patronage ( – Funny, I never heard the French complain about American rappers when our boys stormed the beaches at Normandy. Ungrateful bastards.

(Update: A nice picture of the U.S. Cellular Field scoreboard from last night – Oak Park Night, no less – is on TK's site. Other than the fact that the Sox sucked it up against The Gambler after the first inning, it was a fantastic evening.)


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