Land-o-Links – 4/19/2006

Has anyone been watching ESPN's NBA show lately? B.J. Armstrong has entered that Dick Clark realm where he has seriously not aged a single day in the past 15 years. Anyway, here are the links for the day:

1) Suge Knight Filing for Bankruptcy Protection – This story has been out for awhile, but I'd just like to point out that I'd be petrified of telling Suge Knight that he owes a couple bucks for his share of a pizza, much less $107 million.

2) Who Put the Y'all in Idol? – I've finally found my answer as to how Bucky Covington lasted all of those weeks. The Nielsen market shares for all of those Southern cities are seriously Super Bowl-type figures.

3) Lasting Love Often Elusive For Celebrities – Statistics are great tools for many subjects, such as baseball and economics. However, why anyone would need to do a statistical analysis to show that – gasp! – celebrities get divorced and re-marry more often than the average person on the street? If you for some reason needed some numerical proof, here you go.

4) Hair Police Strike Again – I really don't understand why Jerry Reinsdorf has all of the sudden become a George Steinbrenner-style totalitarian dictator when it comes to haircuts. Jeez, they only won the World Series last year with such hair, you know. Speaking of great hair, Rick Morrissey had a nice talk with the legendary afro known as Oscar Gamble today.

     Oscar Gamble     Tony Eason Sacked.jpg

And finally…

4) Re-creating a Classic (submitted by Minneapolis Red Sox) – This man needs to be given an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and a Source Award for this monument to baseball history. Now, we just need to do a Tecmo Bowl/Mortal Kombat hybrid recreation of Super Bowl XX showing the Bears 46 Defense decapitate Tony Eason.

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