Land-o-Links – 4/13/2006

It’s been awhile since I posted some links, so here you go:

1) NASCAR Fans Trade the R.V. for a Condo – An alternate universe where Wrigley Field is a NASCAR track and Wrigleyville rooftops are filled with rednecks rather than yuppies.

2) ‘West Wing’ Writers’ Novel Way of Picking the President – Arnold Vinick (the Republican presidential candidate played by Alan Alda) was originally supposed to win… or so they claim.

3) Suit Filed in SICA Breakup – Ugly high school conference breakup on the South Side that involves my alma mater Homewood-Flossmoor as one of the defendants in a lawsuit. It’s a veritable kitchen sink of socioeconomic and racial issues.

4) Michael Jackson Bailout Said to Be Close – Who’s going to get Michael Jackson out of a hole greater than the GNP of Canada? The Beatles, of course.

Speaking of debts…

5) Online Gambling Bets Go Against Bucky Covington – America finally gave peace a chance by voting Bucky off of American Idol last night, which means exasperated gamblers were able to prevail for once after weeks upon weeks of losing their shirts. The improbable Bucky run is one of those pillar moments in gambling history where the house just destroyed anyone who wagered with any common sense – it’s got to be up there with betting on Michigan State starting a 2006 Final Four run by covering the spread against George Mason or taking the over, with the over/under being 1, for the number of weeks that the John Stamos show that ABC spent eighteen straight months promoting would last on the air. This is why all of those Las Vegas casinos are so pretty.


2 thoughts on “Land-o-Links – 4/13/2006

  1. I’ve been waiting for an article from you about the SICA secessions. Why must I continue to get info from HF’s other most famous voice of the people, Lawrence Holmes? Give us the lowdown, and your multi-ethnic viewpoint!



  2. I appreciate your interest! Seriously, though, I’ll be putting something up next week on the HF/SICA issue – there are a lot of factors coming into play here that would be too long for a comment.


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