Land-o-Links – 3/2/2006

Links for your Thursday:

1) The Jumpman in Us All – The new Air Jordan XXI commercial from Nike seriously freezes me in my tracks everytime I see it on TV.  When I was younger, I was just like every one of those kids imitating Michael Jordan’s signature moves on the playground.  Here’s how Nike filmed the ad.

2) Brokeback Spoofs: Tough Guys Unmasked – It looks like that “The Empire Brokeback” send-up I linked to the other day was just one of a multitude of Brokeback Mountain parodies.

3) Chappelle Said Unhappy With Network Plans – Dave Chappelle and Comedy Central are having a spat over what the network wants to do with the material he recorded for the never-aired thrid season of Chappelle’s Show.  By the way, be sure to catch his 2-hour appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio if you haven’t already – it’s good stuff.

4) Honor This: Allen Yes, Balbo No – The latest political controversy in Chicago: an alderman wants to eliminate the city’s practice of granting honorary street signs (i.e. Jack Brickhouse Way and Hugh Hefner Way) in the wake of the proposed honoring of former Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.  Eric Zorn takes this one step further with pointing out that the city has a real street named after a fascist who was once suspected of murder.  Hooray Chicago!

And finally in one of the greatest developments ever…

5) Snoop Dogg Unveils New Video Gaming League for Hip Hop Stars – If ESPN can make “Madden Nation” into a show, there is absolutely no reason why this league should not have its own entire network.  For the official league site, click here.


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