Mick and Keith in the House that Jordan Built

A few quick thoughts on my first-ever Rolling Stones concert at the United Center last night:

1) Mick Jagger has an insane amount of energy for any rock star at any age, much less someone who’s 62 years old.  I’ve seen a good number of bands and I’d be hardpressed to think of anyone who ran around stage and put as much into a performance as Mick.  This is all from a guy who once said he’d rather be dead than still be playing “Satisfaction” at age 45.

2) The Chicago indoor smoking ban does not apply to Keith Richards.

3) While most of the show was accompanied by a dazzling light and video display on a huge stage, my favorite part was when a portion of the stage actually moved out to the center of the arena for several songs.  All of the background displays were then turned off at that time so it was just purely the band playing on a tiny stage surrounded by fans on all sides.  It was a great effect since it almost felt like I was watching them in a small club for those songs rather than a large sports stadium.

4) Whatever you may think of the Stones’ songs, they are certainly spectacular entertainers.  Even my wife, who isn’t a big Rolling Stones fan, thought the show was awesome.  All in all, it was an incredible experience.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of sports to talk about – I’ll be back soon.


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