Land-o-Links: 1/19/2006

Wacky stuff today:

1) Bulls/Knicks Recap – One of the most bizarre sporting events I’ve ever seen.  It was Eddy Curry’s first game in Chicago since getting traded by the Bulls, Chris Duhon got into a fight and was ejected, Ben Gordon hit a game-winning jumper at the buzzer in overtime, and, oh yeah, Antonio Davis charged into the stands to protect his wife’s honor (personally, Davis should have been given the right to put the smackdown on that idiot fan without any recourse from the NBA).

2) Blago’s State of the State Address – Governor Rod Blagojevich delivered the shortest State of the State Address in Illinois history, with this being the full text: “Keno.  Done and done.”

3) X’s and O’s U – A public university located in a central Illinois town that begins with “Ch” is tied with USC as being the top producer of NFL coaches… and you know it’s not Illinois.  Congratulations Keith on your alma mater being the new cradle of pro coaching!

4) When Bad People Are Punished, Men Smile (but Women Don’t) – Scientific study showing that men get a kick out of revenge while women feel empathy for pain felt by both good and bad people.

5) The Secret Lives of Rats – I once saw a city rat in Chinatown eat a chihuahua.  If this article is true, that rat wasn’t interested in the dog’s meat.

I’ll be back with NFL predictions tomorrow (just don’t use my picks for gambling purposes if you want to keep your money).  Have a great day!


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