Land-o-Links – 1/10/2006

Amazingly, the Illini didn’t drop in this week’s coaches’ poll (#6) and are only one spot down in the AP poll (#7).  To celebrate, here are today’s links:

1) Starbucks Economics – If you thought that “Tall” is the smallest size you can get of a drink at Starbucks, you’re wrong.  You can order a “Short,” but it seems Starbucks doesn’t want to let that secret out.

2) Breakthrough for the Dow – It’s amazing to me that the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking 11,000 is a rare business story that gets elevated to the front page of general news yet it means almost nothing to anyone who owns stock.  The vast majority of people who invest in the stock market have some type of fund that mimmicks the S&P 500 (compared to the miniscule number of investors that own securities tied to the Dow), but I’ve never heard a general newscaster report about record levels for that broader market index.  It doesn’t make sense.

3) Simpson and Lachey Selling House – Own a piece of MTV history.

4) The Camaro is Back – Mullets everywhere are rejoicing.

And finally…

5) Thieves Steal Truckload of Pimp Juice – One of my readers must have had a bumpin’ poker night at Nelly’s expense.

Some baseball talk (it’s about time) in a little bit…


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