Frank the Tank Goes to Washington

After noticing a remarkable spike in hits on my site over the past 24 hours (particularly for a blog that’s been in existence for only two weeks), I figured out that the Washington Post actually linked my blog to the Marion Barry story.  It was the first blog listed in “Who’s Blogging” for most of the day but you now need to click on the “full list of blogs” to get to the link to Frank the Tank’s Slant.  I don’t know why the Post’s blog crawler couldn’t recognize any of my site’s punctuation marks (you’ll see if you check it out).  Anyway, I’m now well on my way to a second career as a worthless pundit.


One thought on “Frank the Tank Goes to Washington

  1. Nice. Nothing like trackback/pingback technology to make you feel like you’re worth something! Now, if you could only get Michael Wilbon to notice your mad sports analysis skills.


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