Land-o-Links – 1/3/2006

I hope everyone had a great New Year!  As we get back to life and back to reality, here are some links for the day:

1) The Cute Factor – Scientists are trying to figure out what makes humans believe certain things, ranging from baby pandas and penguins to movie creatures such as E.T. and Yoda, are “cute.”  The article points out how we take more of a paternalistic view toward those we consider cute, which is distinctly different from how we place those we consider “beautiful” on a pedestal.  Anyway, cuteness does have a huge impact on our behavior – everyone wants to save the whales, but no one has held a protest on the plight of the tuna fish.

2) Scandal on the Bass Fishing Circuit – Another link courtesy of Matt.  I can just see Senator John McCain grilling Babe Winkelman on whether he has ever snagged a bass.  As Matt aptly noted, “All of my heroes are dead.”

3) Marion Barry Robbed at Gunpoint – Barry, the only man in history who has served 4 terms as D.C. Mayor as well as a 6-month sentence in jail for smoking crack on camera, stated that the perpetrator ran suspiciously like former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett.

4) Paris Hilton Christmas Display – I apologize for not finding this until after the holidays, but there’s just way too much potential for inflatable Christmas lawn ornament jokes here.

More on the week in sports in just a bit…


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