Note on the Forum: Complement to the Comments (Not a Replacement)

I’ve had a few questions about the forum, so I just wanted to make it clear that I definitely still want to see and encourage your comments posted here on the blog. The discussions have been fantastic and I don’t want to see that go away. The main hope for the forum is to provide an outlet for those of you that have been putting together comments that are effectively quality blog posts in and of themselves so that they don’t get overwhelmed in the shuffle. It’s really intended to complement the discussions that we have on the blog as opposed to replacing them. I will always be posting my main thoughts here and want to ensure that the blog continues to be the center of activity. Thanks to all of you for your constant support!


One thought on “Note on the Forum: Complement to the Comments (Not a Replacement)

  1. TH

    Hey Frankie. Frankie ma man…. Frankia da Tank. What happened to Texas goin to the B10 ? Told you 2 ago it was a non starter. Remember, this is a topic best left to Investment Bankers and Analysts…MBA’s, MA in Finance, CFA, MA in Econ….etcetera…etcetera… The whole discussion was be initiated by Attorneys. Come on man. If i needed heart surgery i wouldn’t consult a plumber.


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