Land-o-Links – 5/18/2006

I haven't written about baseball in quite awhile, so I hope to put together something tomorrow in anticipation of this weekend's White Sox – Cubs crosstown series. Until then, here are today's links:

1) Yo! I'll Tell You What I Want… What I Really, Really Want – This is particularly funny to me because I was seriously going to write about Earworms myself pretty soon, mostly because that goddamned (yet catchy) Shakira/Wyclef Jean song has been stuck in my head for about 64 consecutive days as of this post. By the way, this Disconnected in Suburbia blog (by Chronically Insane, one of Minneapolis Red Sox's friends) is fantastic reading and highly recommended.

2) 'American Idol' Resurrects Clive Davis Once More – It might be just me, but if I had to choose three "legitimate" business executives that I'm convinced have ordered hits Corleone-style, they would be: (1) David Stern, (2) Michael Eisner, and (3) Clive Davis. I've never had much of a problem personally with Stern or Eisner, but Clive has flat-out creeped me out for years. I thought he was on "American Idol" the last couple of nights to whack Elliot Yamin and then take the cannoli. However, Clive does have the distinction of being the first producer of a reality series about putting together a boy band where the leader of said boy band went so far off the deep end that it became the subject of an entirely separate reality series. Shit, that makes putting together platinum records look like child's play.

And finally…

3) Snoop Dogg Permanently Banned From the UK – In other news, Holiday Inn outlets and Tanqueray proprietors across the United Kingdom have filed for bankruptcy protection today.


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