Land-o-Links – 3/13/2006

Warning: I know it’s been like this already for the past week, but as long as the Illini are in the NCAA Tournament (and probably for the duration of March Madness regardless of whether they win or lose), Frank the Tank’s Slant will essentially be a college basketball blog. My numerous post ideas on the upcoming baseball season, the NFL free agency market, and wacky politicians will be on hold for awhile. However, I’ll still be tossing up some Land-o-Links to keep the non-basketball fans happy:

1) Upset ‘Brokeback’ Fans Advertise Their Feelings – Watts in 1965, Rodney King in 1992, “Brokeback Mountain” fans in 2006… watch out Los Angeles.

2) Lipinski and Other Abandon Parade Float as Smoke Erupts – Was anyone at the South Side Irish Parade sober enough to know this even happened?

3) The Origins of Uncle O’Grimacey (from Chicagoist) – March Madness + St. Patrick’s Day = Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s! One sad thing, though: I never got to see Grimace’s Irish uncle.

And finally:

4) Flavor of Love: The Spit Hits the Fan – I can’t believe that I only started watching “Flavor of Love” on VH1 until midway through the season. The highly anticipated reunion special is going to be on next Sunday evening. This is quite possibly going to be the first TV series that I’m ever going to buy on DVD. I thought “Cheaters” was the pinnacle of reality television, but “Flavor of Love” has relegated that show to a pretender to the throne.


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